Best Weapons to Craft Early on in Rust

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1. Hunting Bow

The first weapon you can get when you first start on the server is a Hunting Bow. Not only are these good for hunting, but they are also amazing for defending yourself. I found myself bringing a Hunting Bow and a gun for protection because you might not know when you are gonna need it. The bow is absolutely amazing and it is very easy to make as well. It takes 200x Wood and 50x Cloth to make and you don’t need a workbench. Arrows are also easy to make so no worrying about ammo.

2. Crossbow

The second weapon you should get as soon as you can is a Crossbow. Crossbows are much slower than Hunting Bows, but it shoots farther and more accurately. It also has 2 Mod slots so you can put a flashlight and a scope on it if you have one. It is harder to make because you need a Level 1 Workbench, but it is 200x Wood, 75x Metal Frags, and 2x Rope. It is a very valuable weapon if you can make one early.

3. Revolver

The third weapon you should get as soon as you can is a Revolver. It is one of the first guns you can get, but this gun can protect you from even the giant Clans. They are very easy to make and they are very reliable weapons. You need a Level 1 Workbench just like the Crossbow, but the Workbenches are very easy to get, especially Level 1. The Revolver takes 1x Metal Pipe, 25x Cloth, and 125x Metal Frags. The ammo for the gun is easy to make, just stock up on Charcoal and Sulfur.

4. Nailgun

The fourth weapon you should get as soon as you can is a Nailgun. These are very important to get because it is close to having a gun without the hassle of getting gun blueprints. The ammo is very easy to make. You need a Level 1 Workbench to craft it and it takes 75x Metal Frags and 15x Scrap. It is very easy to make and it is reliable to use instead of a gun.

5. Salvaged Sword

The fifth weapon you should get as soon as you can is the Salvaged Sword. This weapon can be found easily on the road in either a tool box or crate. Not only are these good for self-defense, but it is also good for looting. You can use these to destroy barrels and wood walls, so I would keep as many of these as you can. You can throw them to do a ton of damage if you don’t have any other option. It takes a Level 1 Workbench to craft and 15x Metal Frags and 1x Metal Blade.

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